IWC Ingenieur Replica Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hours Modernist Architecture as Inspiration

The first timekeeper by IWC Ingenieur Replica combines tourbillon with jumping hour complications is the latest IWC Ingenieur Replica timekeeper. It is very intricate and skeletonized to give a full view of its modernist architecture-inspired movement - manufactureHW4401 mechanically-wound mechanical caliber with a longer power reserve. This is indicated at the back side of the case. The dial is black sapphire and has a stunning appearance from the front and back. It also features a hand-chamfered steel bridge and a black sapphire dial. The new Tourbillon Jumping Hour model,IWC Ingenieur Replica watches based on IWC Ingenieur Replica's Ocean collection, will be available in two housing options - either red or white gold. Both versions can also be ordered with extravagant diamond decorations totaling 6.25 carats.

IWC Ingenieur Replica Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hours Watch

It is not only the first IWC Ingenieur Replica watch to combine a jumping hour feature and a tourbillon, but it also has a unique design. The tourbillon cage is not attached to the mainplate of the movement. Instead, it is suspended from the bridges made of two hand-chamfered pieces. It gives the illusion that the tourbillon is suspended in the air, and not connected to the rest. It is this wheel that drives the tourbillon.IWC Ingenieur Replica Although it is not obvious, it is geared towards its outer edge. This is difficult to see as it is almost completely obscured by the minute track. The tourbillon feature, which is located between two sheets sapphire, rotates for 60 seconds. This is used to indicate seconds.

IWC Ingenieur Replica Ocean Tourbillon Jumping hours Case Back

The upper portion of the skeletonized dial can be used for jumping hours or a minute track. The hour aperture is located at the top of the dial. It shows the current hours and changes every 60 minutes. For the minutes, IWC Ingenieur Replica designers used small red hands that rotate around the minute track. The clever solution ensures that the jumping hours indicator is not obstructed by the minute hand. The minute track,U-boat replica watches which weighs only 0.49 grams, is held in place by a series hand-crafted and open-worked bridges. The brand representatives reveal that the dial's design is inspired by Modernist architecture, which uses steel and glass as its mediums. Its entire architecture is magnificent and looks stunning from the front and back. The retrograde power reserve indicator shows how much power the watch has left in its impressive storage, which lasts 110 hours. Twin barrels are added in series to increase the power reserve.

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